Kenyon Martin and Mark Grey on Suns' commanding 2-0 series lead in NBA Finals
On this edition of neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon and Mark Grey dissect NBA finals game 2 right after it happens. The Phoenix Suns are 2 wins away from an NBA title, and Chris Paul and Devin Booker look locked in. 00:30: Milwaukee was better defensively but still have plenty of room to clean up   -04:00 Even though Phoenix wasn't overall at their best they still did enough -07:00: Tonight surely wasn't on Giannis - he was on point from the opening tip -08:00: Khris Middleton's nickname should be "Every Other Game" for how he performs -14:00: What the best offense is for Milwaukee -20:30: With Jrue Holiday on Defense it's a pick your poison scenario if you're going to have him on CP3 or Booker -21:30: Looking ahead to Game 3 - expecting a better performance otherwise they're looking at a sweep -25:00: Tough to come back from 0-2 deficit but possible -27:00: Breaking down Team USA roster -35:00: Kenyon's competitive spirit and the first time he got a DNP-Coach's Decision -40:30: The end of his time in Denver -43:30: It wasn't weird playing for Jason Kidd being a former teammate -54:30: Kenyon was messed up for a good couple of years after he retired while adjusting to post-playing life. Always tougher to have it abruptly end vs a farewell tour like Kobe or Duncan had -57:00: Toughest part of the adjustment is filling that void and figuring out what's next -63:00: Being able to help Kenyon Jr with his game and how that sparked some of his love for the game -66:00: Big 3 championship the bow on his career Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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